Here at amazing experiments we have created our own innovative and interactive after school science programmes, which are packed full of our amazing science experiments. We are on a mission to deliver the most engaging, exciting and amazing science lessons that your child has ever taken part in!

Our lessons are hassle free for parents and schools, all you have to do is pick your child up after each lesson and let them tell you all about the amazing experiments they have just done.


                                           Our after school clubs:

  • Are action packed and fast paced
  • Follow our own innovative lesson plans
  • Have programmes based on a wide range of scientific topics which are age appropriate for children aged 5+
  • Are taught by qualified, crb checked and trained instructors
  • Offer parents and schools amazing value
  • Relates to the national curriculum
  • based on a 6 to12 week afterschool program which will let your child access upto 60 experiments
  • Your children will have access to to a different selection of experiments every week 
  • Are enquiry based and include hands on activities for all children
  • Include elements of independent learning and group work
  • Include many elements of design and technology
  • Held at your child’s school for your convenience
  • Enhance and widen your child’s knowledge of scientific topics
  • will be sure to have your children telling you all about the amazing experiments they did at their afterschool club
  • Give children something amazing in the week to look forward to
  • Includes elements of outdoor learning

Our afterschool clubs give children a chance to gain a new passion for science and let them see the world in a whole new way by learning about the science in everything around us.


If you would like Amazing Experiments to carry out an afterschool club at your child’s school then please contact us using the form below and we will contact your child's school to try and arrange one of our afterschool clubs at your child's school. 

Calling all teachers!


If you are a teacher and would like Amazing Experiments to carry out an assembly, sample day, after school club programme, in-school workshops, breakfast clubs or science week programmes at your school then please contact us using the form below. Amazing Experiments is an excellent addition to help enrich your school's science programme. (an excellent way to get the children's brains in gear for the day ahead)


A s s e m b l i e s

Our action packed assemblies are designed to last for 15-20 minutes to try and it into your schools timetable. Just imagine a ring of fog floating through the air, a beach ball that will float in a column air, experiments which go bang, gigantic bubbles, crazy polymers, a laser light show, snow fluttering down on to the children and many more of our amazing experiments. Don't miss the opportunity to provide your school with the most amazing and action packed assembly that they have ever seen.


S a m p l e    d a y s

We can also carry out a sample days where will carry out as many half an hour shows as you like during your school day. Our sample days are designed to allow more children to take part in every activity when compared to our assemblies.  


a f t e r   s c h o o l   c l u b s

Our after school clubs are an excellent addition to any schools afterschool programme to help get children exited about science. We provide all the equipment along with a trained, CRB checked and insured instructor. We can carry out our science programmes during your schools own after school programme or we can carry out an independent science club at your school. We give the children a different set of experiments to try every week, this helps to keep them engaged and always looking forward to their next lesson. We bring a large amount of equipment to every lesson to help ensure that every child is always engaed in every activity.


i n    s c h o o l    w o r k s h o p s

Our in school workshops are an excellent way to get all the children in your school to experience an entire Amazing Experiments Science Programme. Turn the children in your school into budding scientists by using our unique lessons to allow children to reveal the science behind everything around us. Perfect for PPA cover, we provide all the equipment along with a trained, CRB checked and insured instructor. Get the entire school excited about science. 


B r e a k f a s t / m o r n i n g   c l u b s

Our breakfast clubs are an excellent way to get children's brains in gear for the day ahead by carrying out our amazing experiments and learning all about the science behind them! We provide an excellent addition to your breakfast or morning club programme.


S c i e n c e   W e e k

Our science week programmes are an amazing way to get your entire school excited about science during science week. we can carry out workshops during science week to create a real buzz amongst all the children in your school. Let the children in your school explore the science behind all of our interactive and fun experiments. We have many different topics which you can use as your schools topic for science week. Do not delay to contact us as our science week availability is very limited.





Do you run an out of schools children's club or have your own venue?


We can provide our lessons at your clubs venue. We help to provide an environment where children can have fun, learn about science and work together to help build your teams bond.


 We can provide our amazing lessons at 

  • Scouts and Brownies
  • Children's holiday clubs 
  • Children's religious clubs
  • Leisure centres with children's clubs
  • Libraries and community centres
  • Sports clubs (I.e. cricket football, tennis...)
  • Children's arts and theatre clubs
  • and almost any other children's club you can think off

If you run an out of schools club that is not listed above then don't worry becasue we come to any out of schools club or venue. Click the link below to go to our out of schools clubs for more information and to contact us.


Find out more about our weekend science clubs or out of school clubs (held on weekday evenings and weekends)    


After School Clubs

Some of our current topics

Please contact us using the form below, please include your name, the name and address of the school you work for (or the school you would like us to visit), the schools contact number and e-mail address and which of our services you are interested in

Please include your name and the name and location of your child's school, (and if possible any of your child's schools contact details)

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