Children's DJ Party Service

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Amazing Experiments Children's DJ Service

Here at amazing experiments we have put together our own DJ service for children which offers amazing value for money. Take the hassle out of having to arrange the music and let us entertain the children with our music and special effects . We have our own collection of suitable music for different age groups, or you can request your own playlist.

Our Children's DJ Party Package includes:

  • Our music system
  • A fully insured and CRB checked DJ
  • 1 hours worth of musical entertainment (add £40 for each additional 30 minutess)
  • A happy birthday song if you book us for a child's birthday party
  • Instructional dance songs for all ages i.e Cha Cha Slide, Simon Says
  • Additional DJ special effects available (bolt-ons*see below)
  • A minimum of 10% your DJ Party Package if you book any of our Science Party Packages for the same event.
  • Discounted mileage rates for any 2 hour DJ Party Package booking

Our DJ can work with you to help you with any party games you would like to use at your party i.e. musical chairs, pass the parcel, musical statues and any other musical party games.


Our Children's DJ Party Service is suitable for small venues with up to 30 guests (If you would like to have more than 30 guests, please send us a message and we will try out best to meet your needs)


From £110 per hour (add £40 for each additional 30 minutes)

*excluding travel costs, charged at 45p per mile

Receive a discount if you book a DJ Party Package and a Science Birthday Party or Special Occasion Party Package

                    click here for information about our   Birthday party packages  Special occasion packages 

Add one of our DJ bolt-ons

Fog machine - £45

Create a mystical low lying fog effect during your party. 

Snow Machine - £45

Shower your guests with snow using our snow machine during your party.

Laser Show - £45

Add our laser show to your party to create an amazing effect in your party venue. (An excellent addition to our fog machine)

Dry Ice - £45

Use our dry ice to create a realistic dense low lying fog effect at your party.

Face Painter - £45 (per hour)

We can provide a face painter to brighten up the children's faces during your party.


Party bags and prizes are available:

  • Basic Party Bag: £4.00 (contains 5 toys)
  • Premium Party bags: £8.00 (contains 10 toys)
  • Pass the parcel with a basic prize in the middle: £5.00 each
  • Pass the parcel with a premium prize in the middle: £8.00 each
  • Musical statue prizes with a basic prize: £4.00 each
  • Musical statue prizes with a premium prize: £8.00 each
  • Musical chairs prizes with a basic prize £8.00 each
  • Musical chairs prizes with a premium prize £8.00 each
Our DJ will provide assistance and appropriate music to help carry out any party games that you would like to play.

Receive a minimum of 10% off a DJ Party Service if book a Science Party Package for the same event

Special offer:

If you book any of the following bolt-ons with a Birthday Party Package or Special Occasion Party Package then receive them free with a DJ Party Package : Snow machine, Fog machine, Laser show