Our out of school science clubs are held on weekday evenings and on weekends. We offer these clubs for children that are unable to attend our weekday afterschool clubs because of other commitments.  


Our current after school and out of school clubs are only available to members of the club or school which we work with. We are currently working on providing our lessons at local centres on weekends which will be open to all children. (Check back soon for a list of our clubs which are open to the public)


If you would like Amazing Experiments to carry out a weekend or evening science club at your child’s out of schools club then please contact us using the form below to register your interest (please include your name, your phone number, your email, the name of your child's club, the location of your child’s club, a contact number and or e-mail address of your child's club if possible)

Do you have your own venue?

Why not host an amazing experiments science programme


If you have a venue or children's club and would like Amazing Experiments to carry out an out of schools programme which is open to all children (the general public) then please send us a message using the form below and we will get back to you to arrange a visit to your venue. Use us to help raise the profile of your club or venue.


Examples of where we can provide our science programmes:

libraries, community centres, party venues, hotels, sports centres

and almost any other venue that you can think off !


In your message please indicate your name, your e-mail address, your contact number, the address of your venue, which day of the week you would like our science club to take place on


Our lessons are hassle free for parents, all you have to do is pick your child up after each lesson and let them tell you all about the amazing experiments they have just done.


Our weekend clubs:

  • Are action packed and fast paced
  • Follow our own innovative lesson plans
  • Have programmes based on a wide range of scientific topics which are age appropriate for children from age 5+
  • Are taught by qualified, crb checked and trained instructors
  • Offer parents and children's clubs amazing value
  • Relates to the national curriculum
  • based on a 6 to12 week after school program which will let your child access  up to 60 experiments
  • Your children will have access to a different selection of experiments every week 
  • Are enquiry based and Include hands on activities for all children
  • Include elements of independent learning and group work
  • Include many elements of design and technology
  • Held at your clubs venue for your convenience
  • Enhance and widen your children's knowledge of scientific topics
  • Will be sure to have the children in your club telling their parents all about the amazing experiments they did at their club.
  • Give children something amazing in the week to look forward to
  • Includes elements of outdoor learning

Our out of school clubs give children a chance to gain a new passion for science and let them see the world in a whole new way by learning about the science in everything around us.




Contact us now using any of the forms below to arrange a sample day



Here at amazing experiments we have created our own innovative and interactive out of school science programmes, which are packed full of our amazing science experiments. We are on a mission to deliver the most engaging, exciting and amazing science lessons that your child has ever taken part in!



Calling all out of school clubs


We can come to your club's venue to carry out our amazing science programmes which are full of our amazing experiments! We can carry out our lessons before or after your club has their session, or we can carry out our science programmes during your club (perfect if your club has a seasonal break - this is an excellent way to ensure the children in your club regularly meet up during your off-season to help maintain and grow the teams bond)

Contact us now to arrange a visit to your out of schools club.


If you would like Amazing Experiments to carry out our science programmes at your out of schools club then contact us using the form below. (Please include your name, contact number, e-mail, the name and address of your child's club and a contact name for a member of staff at your child's club if possible)

Out of School Clubs

Examples of out of school clubs where

we can provide our services:


We can provide our lessons at your clubs venue. We help to provide an environment where children can have fun, learn and work together to help build your teams bond.


We can provide our amazing lessons at 

  • Scouts and brownies
  • Children's holiday clubs 
  • Children's religious clubs
  • Lesiure centres with children's clubs
  • Libraries and community centres
  • Sports clubs (I.e. cricket football, tennis...)
  • Children's arts and theatre clubs

If you run an out of schools club that is not listed above then don't worry because we come to any out of schools club or venue.