We are on a mission to provide your child with the most memorable, enjoyable and fun birthday party that they have ever had!!!!


Our Party Packages:

  • We offer a 1 hour Amazing Science Birthday Party Package         starting from £150


  • We offer a 2 hour Super Amazing Science Birthday Party               Package starting from £250


                          All of our Birthday Party Packages are:

  • Action packed, fast paced and full of amazing and entertaining Science experiments.
  • Innovative, engaging, hands-on, educational, memorable and extremely fun.
  • Held at a location of your choice.
  • Full of experiments and facts to help us explain the world all around us using Science
  • Based around different Scientific topics
  • Carried out by fully trained, insured and CRB checked instructors.
  • Amazing value for money.
  • Perfect for children aged 5+
  • Suitable for up to 30 children (for parties with over 20 children: add £5.00 per child)
  • Focused on making the birthday child the centre of attention.
  • Hassle free and mess free for parents, all you need to do is provide the guests and we will keep them entertained.

*Please note that our instructors will need access to the party venue at least 20-30 minutes before the party starts so we can set up all of our equipment.

*Please contact us if you would like to arrange a party for more than 30 guests.

*Travel costs are charged at 45p per mile from our nearest office.


1 hour amazing party package


Our 1 hour amazing birthday party package includes:

  • An action packed hour of Science experiments
  • A birthday card from the whole team at amazing experiments
  • 1 Amazing bolt-on experiment included
  • 1 hands-on experiment which all of the guests will make and take home
  • Additional Bolt-Ons are available (i.e. extra experiments, party bags) 
  • 10% discount on our DJ Party Package


If you purchase a party bag for all of the guests at your party we will provide the birthday child with a free party bag.


From £150.00 (excluding travel costs)


2 hour super amazing birthday party package


Our 2 hour super amazing birthday party package includes:

  • 2 hours of action packed Science experiments 
  • 1 Amazing bolt-on experiment included
  • A birthday card from the whole team at Amazing Experiments
  • 1 hands on experiment which all of the guests will make and take home.
  • Additional Bolt-Ons are available (i.e. extra experiments, party bags) 
  • 1 free party bag for the birthday child
  • Extra party bags are available at a discounted rate
  • Discounted travel rate
  • A short break to cut the birthday cake and sing happy birthday to the birthday child.
  • 15% discount on our DJ Party Package

From £250 (excluding travel costs)


We include some experiments where only the birthday child will get a chance to have a go, these experiments will be sure to get all of the children in the party asking the birthday child what it felt like to be part of those experiments (after all we want your child to feel special on their birthday). If your child does not want to take part in some of the experiment demonstrations then they can always nominate their best friends to have a go. The birthday child will always be at the centre of attention during any of our parties.


Add a bolt-on experiment to your party

Science Birthday Parties

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Contact us using the form below to book and arrange your birthday party package.

Please include the following information in your message: your name, contact number, contact e-mail address, the date you would like your party to take place, the venue you would like to use, the age of the birthday child, how many guests you plan on inviting, which party package you would like and any bolt-on experiments that you would like to add



Special offer:

If you book any of the following bolt-ons with a Birthday Party Package or Special Occasion Party Package then receive them free with a DJ Party Package : Snow machine, Fog machine, Laser show 


Rocket Launch - £45

Add our rocket launch to your party and launch a model rocket hundreds of feet into the sky and then watch it parachute back down to earth. *Please note that we will need an open area to launch the rocket.

Face Painter - £45 (per hour)

We can provide a face painter to brighten up the children's faces. We can provide our face painter before, after and during our science birthday shows. (An excellent addition to our DJ Party Service) 

Laser Show - £45

Add our laser show to your party to create an amazing effect in your party venue. Have lasers and stars floating through out your venue. (An excellent addition to our fog machine)

Mentos Show - £45

Add our Mentos show and treat the audience to a show full of streams of cola that sore up to 20ft in the air.*Please note we need a small open space to carry out this experiment (a small garden is enough)

Fog machine - £45

Create a mystical low lying fog effect during your party along with experiments which reveal the science behind the fog. 

Snow Machine - £45

Shower your guests with snow using our snow machine and find out how it works.

Dry Ice - £45

Learn all about the wonders of dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide). Our dry ice creates a dense low lying fog just like in the movies.

Giant bubbles - £45

Have giant bubbles floating around your party and create a bubble which is big enough to fit around a child.

Party bags are available:

Basic Party Bag £4.00 (5 toys)

Premium Party bags £8.00 (10 toys)